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Is it safe? Is the market really saturated?

What is a bank guarantee?

Is there a central bank in charge of banking?

Where is interest money coming from?

What is a currency?

Where the heck is inflation?

What makes money?

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Can money be created from nothing?

Where is money going to go?

Why is there so much money?

Who is a banker?

What is inflation?

How does a government get money out of the economy?

Can you buy gold, or even silver?

The world is a vast place. These are the questions you should be able to answer with an informed and knowledgeable mind.

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The government of the country of Malta is considering whether or not to remove itself from the European Union and return the country to the Commonwealth.

The government announced its planned resignation from the EU on November 9. According to a report from Reuters, the country has made its decision for which political party to back:

The vote will be postponed twice to give some officials — including Foreign Minister Eddy Merz — time to discuss the decision.

The Maltese government is likely to end up backing either the left-wing E.U. Independence Party (E.U.IP), or the right-wing, anti-immigrant, and racist Maoridinn Alliance (MAI). With the latter being more likely, the new government is now set to vote on the issue.

Malta is not a member of the Commonwealth. However, it is a close ally of the United States of America (USA). While most of its citizens are British, they are also part of the Commonwealth, and are considered equal to other Commonwealth countries. The U.S.A. is a former empire, and has always been wary of having any ties with countries outside the British empire.

What is Maltese Independence

On 17 January, 2015, the Maltese Government announced its intention to withdraw from the European Union (E.U.) in order to “prevent its citizens from being treated as second-class citizens.” The Prime Minister said, “All decisions have been taken and decisions of the government of Malta have been approved as per our constitution and it is up to Parliament to pass the new constitution.”

In February of 2015, a referendum was scheduled on the matter. However, the vote was

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