How did Blaine levitate?

By levitation, I mean he levitated by a spell. The spell being a hex named Levitation Charms. That spell lets him float by simply holding things up to the ceiling (which is essentially what happens when he levitates) and then releasing them at high speed using Charms.”

Harry nodded in agreement in his mind. Yes. And there were more?

“He’s actually kind of slow in the water, which I was surprised. He must actually slow down in the water to use Charms and he’s able to do so by holding two objects up to the ceiling and releasing them at high velocity, making a low and slow speed motion.”

“How do you know?” Harry


“If he had something down there, the spell would probably work and he’d be able to levitate it as well,” Mr. Black replied. “If he didn’t have it down there, there might not have been something to hold him down and it would have been faster.”

“Okay,” Harry said slowly. “I guess it makes sense that he needs something down there to hold him down. He’d be slow in the water.”

“How do you get down here?” Draco asked.

“By air,” Harry explained. “I’m actually supposed to get down here tomorrow since I’m in a detention-board class this week.”

Dee looked amused for a moment. “That’s awesome?”

Harry frowned. “What? It’s no good, I don’t know how to do this. I’ve spent so many years trying to learn this stuff that everything that I learned had always been so… haphazard.

“But if I just spend the next five months getting better, I’ll become an amazing master of magic. And then I’ll just get back up here and I can teach Draco to use it.”

“Oh, you don’t have a tutor or anything?” Draco asked.

“Actually, no. I’ve always had a lot of help coming up here, but I was always really lazy to take it up, so I’m usually the only one that ever uses the magical equipment that Hogwarts has. If there’s a student that’s in trouble, I usually go after them myself and help out.”

“What about when you get home?” Draco asked. “Where will Draco live now?”

“At the Dursleys’ house,” Harry answered. “They’ve been giving me