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Let’s look at the same video but in reverse. In this case, we’ll be focusing on the trick of using the illusion of time to distract from the real cause (a man in a green suit).

The original video (seen below) starts with a man in a green suit who’s lying on a rug outside the hotel room in a hotel room. The green suit isn’t visible in the photo as he’s clearly inside the room with the girl.

To create the illusion of time – the photo’s a reflection of a green screen that will have it looking like he’s outside as much as possible while leaving the room behind him. And that’s exactly what happens in the trick. He’s using his green eyes to make the room look like he’s outside, which causes the photo to mirror his own shadow.
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The trick works by distracting you from the obvious cause of the illusion of time (it appears to be outside the room) and making the illusion of time make sense.

“What makes this trick so unique is that the illusion of time is presented both in a static photo and in a moving photo,” explains a post on the site How to Trick Your Brain into Thinking Your Eye is On the Camera. “Instead of seeing the reflection of the picture that he’s looking at, you’re presented with someone in a green suit standing behind him. Instead of seeing his reflection as he’s doing the action he’s doing (clicking the mouse) you’re asked to see him clearly. As a result, the illusion of time is more vivid and you feel more involved with the action.”

You can see the entire illusion in action below:

How to Fool Your Brain into Thinking Your Eye Is On the Camera is another useful post on the website. As you can see, if you try to look at something the wrong way you will end up feeling as though you’ve messed up or your eye is on the wrong part of the video.

trick only works if your mind thinks that you always look away from the video screen (when really you look at a different part of it) and that the video is just a reflection of your eye.

We’ve also come across several more variations on this trick on the YouTube channel I Love Videos – which, to be fair, is a pretty unique channel.

There are a few other variations to this trick, such as one where the girl seems to be standing behind the man while the man just stands by the table to

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