How do illusions work psychology?

How do they affect reality? The fact that they are usually described as illusions may make you think that people are only imagining their dreams. In fact, illusions are what we actually experience in our waking lives. Here’s a thought experiment from Wikipedia: Imagine an imaginary group of people all of whom seem to you to be very different, and none of whom really were. They are a team of players on the soccer field, and you are a spectator watching on a monitor at the field. The soccer players all appear to be wearing the same uniform, and they all run with the same stride. When this group of players does something to score, their movements appear different than all the others. But you are not the one playing in that team, and you are not a spectator in the game. Instead, you are a participant. Your movements are what appear to be the actions of the team. As you are watching it on your computer screen, you are actually watching the actions of that imaginary soccer team. And the thing? You can’t make your moves appear to belong to that team because the real movements are not what the people trying to score with your moves appear to be trying to do. Just because we’re not real does not mean that what we’re seeing is not what we’re experiencing. In the same way that a dream-like character in fiction is a fictional, human being, a dream-like character in reality is also a real person. Just because we can’t make our movements appear to be the actions of someone who’s doing something we can’t and can’t perceive doesn’t mean that what they are doing is not what they are trying to do. To see how this works, look at one of the easiest illusions in the world to grasp: the illusion of simultaneity. In order to make your movements appear to be the actions of someone else, you will have to think of a person walking across the room with you on either side of them. There are actually two people in your mind’s eye, walking across the room. However, you cannot see them, because you cannot possibly perceive someone else’s motion across the room in the way that you and one of the other people are perceiving it. The people walking across the room at that moment are invisible to you and two other people because you cannot experience them at the same time. The fact that you are seeing two people in your mind’s eye does not mean that one of those two people is really there with you, walking across the room on one side and on the other side
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