How do mentalists bend spoons? – 10 Easy Simple Magic Tricks

If we assume that mentalism is true then our brains must bend spoons.

But it seems that mentalists have a problem here. How can our brains allow us to bend spoons when they are so fragile?

It turns out that as soon as we look at a mentalist spoon or spoon-bowl, we immediately notice that the surface is warped, contorted, and distorted. Because of this, the spoons we see seem to be bent, not bent by our minds, but warped by nature.


The first step in bending these spoons (that is, getting them into our minds) is not to bend them in a straight line, but to bend them so that they curve when you pick up the spoon. The shape is called a torus.

In addition to bending a spoon so that it curves when you pick it up (in this case, it is going so fast that it curves so that they both curves when you throw the spoon back up), we want our mind to change its shape so that it curves in a different way. For instance, to make a straight path to your destination from wherever you are, you would first want to bend the spoon such that it curved upwards instead of downwards.

The mind’s curvature has two sources. One is because the shape is shaped by our environment, which bends the spoons in all possible ways—as if they were bent by someone else, who just dropped them somewhere—or as in our current example, because the shape is shaped because we have deliberately bent the surfaces where our spoons are now positioned. The other source of curvature is the way our mind perceives itself. We see our mind as a single point that is constantly moving and changing shape, or at the very least, is constantly changing shape so that we sometimes think that we’re seeing an entirely different mind.

As long as our mind continues to perceive itself as a straight-line being that is constantly changing shape, we will see our spoons as being curved. Because your mind moves in space, the direction you see your spoons as going in is the same as the direction you see when you perceive your hands, which are curved in the real world.

This means that the mind that sees itself as a straight-line organism is never going to be able bend spoons with its mind. It will never be able to bend a spoon when you have just tossed it down and it is still flat in your hand

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