How do mentalists bend spoons? – Magic Tricks With Cards Only

They are said to be a form of the magicians who are said to bend spoons in some part, but that the spoons actually bend when they are in contact with the mind (and other people’s feelings, and the physical space they are in).

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As I said, my mentalist friends are all very nice, and all very knowledgeable. But I had to be prepared to be a bit uncomfortable with my own experiences and to make a judgement, both for myself and on the basis of the experiences of others.

Here is one way of thinking about things, which helps guide me. The mind bends spoons because it is in contact with others. Spoons bend when people touch them with their bodies. This is a bit of a mystery!

When your mind and our bodies, in combination with the universe, are moving towards physicality, it takes an extraordinary, highly complex, and highly specific physical action to bend them, to move them in some way towards physicality. It takes far larger muscles and more complex patterns of thought, emotion, perception, memory, and physical action to reach this physical goal. It is a little like throwing the entire universe at a stone and hoping for the right outcome.

The same is true of mentalists. People who do this, on the other hand, do it on the order of thousands of times a second. In order to feel the subtle physical action the mind brings to the spoons, we need very little in the way of extra-physical power. (A more useful explanation is that our minds are a kind of “superheated gas” that can create physical effects on other objects when they are heated too much. I hope you are not looking for some magical energy source in all this.)

I have known many mentalists who are very comfortable with their mentalistic spoons and can be found holding spoons and eating sweets. These spoons, though, do not bend when people move them. What a strange and complicated relationship! (I do not like the word spoons but I think it is appropriate here because we cannot imagine spoons in an inert, non-physical state.)

Here is another way of looking at the spoons. Most spoons we perceive are composed of a particular kind of metal. This alloy of metal can be shaped (or cut) so it can do some useful work, such as deflecting some very precise types of force, like bullets, but can also be made to bend when something is being

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