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A few years ago, the New York Times reported that it’s become a surprisingly popular pastime, that anyone can do magic with paper currency:

One man, in Pennsylvania, does it on a regular basis: It starts with an empty silver coin. He picks it up and spins it. A couple of times, he spins the same coin in a spiral. He goes back to the coin and repeats the process. “That’s what makes it work,” he said.

One such man, in Virginia, uses his own coins instead of the usual $1 and $5 bills:

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“If I want to do a few tricks to my friends,” he told me, “I go round the block and pull out an old $1 bill and start spinning it. They think it’s a great trick. They’re pretty amazed.”

If you want to see a quick video about this, it’s above. You’ll remember that it looks a tiny bit like this.

So how do you do a quick magic trick by making out the difference between an empty piece of money, and actually seeing how many coins you are pulling out.

Here’s the trick. First, have some paper money. Make a stack of 2-8 bills. Then have somebody say “2” to indicate one and “8” to indicate two, and then you have six. Next, pull out one $2 bill and say “3” to make that look like a $4 bill. Now put the $1 bill in front of you in the stack. Take three $1 bills and turn them inside out so that each end is facing you. Now put the other $1 bill in the stack, and take a second $1 bill that is in the stack and turn it inside out so that the top side is up. Now, take the second $1 bill and turn it back out so the bottom side is up. Take the $2 bill. Then take three $2 bills. Now take a third $2 bill and turn it inside out so that the top side is up. Take the third $5 bill. Then take another third $5 bill and turn the stack around so it’s about halfway between each other. Take the fourth $5 bill. Then turn the stack around so that the bottom side is up. Now, take the fifth $5 bill. There is probably still one empty $5 bill in there. You are ready to go. Now, get into a

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