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This is probably the most exciting one in terms of the amount of money I can make. I’m so excited I can barely breathe on the spot! I used my coin flip video as a training ground and now I have a full fledged business set up.

You started out working with coins…what was that like? Did you need any instruction?

First, the process of flipping coins. The coins didn’t make any difference so I had no extra experience. To be honest, I was intimidated to learn this as I don’t make coins, I wear a coin pin.

The process of rolling and turning coins and the coin pin seemed quite similar, I had no problems with it and even made a few jokes about it. What really helped me was having a friend who is a coin expert (I’m not) and knowing all of the coins. They would tell me all the different kinds and if I wasn’t sure, they would give me hints and I could do some research and figure things out. This way, we didn’t have to have the time to explain the process.

I would always ask the coin expert to be more explicit about how the process worked. She took me through different methods and I never got lost in the details, you can check below for a video showing me how she did it, and I believe she would be happy to explain it in person!

The biggest thing I’ve found is how to make a coin out of different coins, and make the reverse into a coin with the “T” on it 🙂 This really helped me. I learned lots of information when doing that, including how to work out if you are flipping a straight coin or an interlocked coin. This makes for quick, easy and fun coins! Also, I’d recommend that everyone try turning a coin back to a square shape – do a coin flip of a 3×2 or 4×4 coin, then try doing the reverse, it’s just like magic when you’re flipping coins. I had the benefit of learning so much and now I’m confident enough on my skills.

You do coin flips with a coin pin, what is your favourite part?

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I like having a coin pin I can grab and have in my pocket whenever I want to flip a coin. I would recommend that everyone try making a coin pin, I’ve made a few at home and even bought one for my dad who was going to go to a party.

I would also recommend using a

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