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To illustrate, just imagine it: you’re standing on the street and you notice a group of people standing behind you.

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One of them pulls out a wallet, shows it to you and says he plans to use his wallet as a substitute for the original transaction coin – hence the term ‘disappearing’. And just as you reach inside and feel the wallet, you suddenly realise that you no longer own the wallet. It is just a piece of paper, and even though it looks like the same coin you were given that day, the wallet has simply been ‘disappeared’ in some secret place. The whole transaction is no longer recorded in blockchains.

This method allows a complete withdrawal of funds, without going through any intermediaries. It has been adopted by many exchanges and trading platforms to allow users to withdraw funds in real time and be paid in Bitcoin.

I’m going to cut to the chase.

The best way to tell a great story is to do it through music.

This is one of those things that will come up over and over again in the coming months:

“What’s your favourite song lyric? What do you remember most about it?”

Every song lyric will likely have something different to say. But, in most cases, the exact answer to this question will be the first thing that pops into most people’s minds.

What people are looking for when choosing a song lyric is not an exact transcript of all the content of the song; rather, it will be a song that has meaning and is evocative to the reader through the story you tell. A piece of music that is perfect for the purpose of crafting a great story has to be memorable and inspiring.

In addition to this, people will often ask if I am making a song that was inspired by anything. That’s a good question, but it is not so much “did that song come across in the song lyric” as it is “what did I think when we made that song and why was that my first song lyric ever?”

The most important part about choosing a song lyric comes from your reader’s perspective. Not only did they tell me a story through the lyrics, but they’ll tell you why they love the song, also.

When choosing a song you want to write a song about, you’ll want to start your song from a place of authenticity. A song can only be truly great if it’s authentic to the way it was made by the person

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