How do you do the rubber pencil trick? – Cool Magic Tricks For Kids To Do At Home Simple Playdough

I like to use my white-out marker to draw a little pattern in the paper and then trace it over the area you want to copy over with your red marker…you’ll see that it isn’t quite the same as a genuine ‘tac’ pencil!
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If you’re like most people, then you can’t even imagine how much red you see on the paper. That red is the result of the chemical reaction that takes place during a ‘tac’ (or pencil) stroke. You can see the yellow coloring because the ‘tac’ is ‘basted’ onto an edge…or even with a light-colored surface such as yellow paper, the pen does a really awful job of matching the red you’re seeing on the paper.

To solve this problem, you simply apply the ‘tac’ to a blank, clean sheet of paper and then add a little more red paint, and then take the ‘tac’ out and draw a little pattern of your own. You can even do the same trick using a rubber pencil or a fountain pen, but I don’t like to use my own finger. That’s where my red marker comes in handy 🙂

How much red do I need to use?

Some people go through a hundred or so pencil marks in a single day. If you just use one pencil mark a day, then there should be plenty left over. But if you want to keep your technique sharp and maintain your pencil strength, then you need to increase the amount of red you use.

In addition to the blue, red, and orange you may already have in your arsenal, I also recommend that you begin slowly. If you just start by using a few different colors, you may never have a complete picture of what you’re trying to do. But if you gradually increase your color palette gradually until you have at least 100 different reds (each of which has a little of the red you are currently using) for each color, you may just find that you can draw things that you would never have gotten to if you had just begun with a colorless medium.

My red marker has a little bit of green in it?

The red marker has a little bit of green in it? Yes, of course they do! That little bit here and there can make a big difference! Your red-colored fingers can feel the ‘resin’ in the red in this photo in the middle of the pencil. The green helps your eyes to pick those spots

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