How do you levitate with pencils? – Magic Trick Cut In Half

Levitation is accomplished by placing the pencils in a small glass jar (5 ml glass jar with a 0.4 mm neck).

Do you levitate with scissors?

Levitating with scissors is accomplished by placing the scissors into a small glass jar (5 ml glass jar without a 0.4 mm neck).

Do you levitate with paper mache?

Levitating with paper mache is accomplished by placing a small amount of MCC paper in a glass jar with a 0.4 mm neck; place the paper in a small glass jar with a 0.4 mm neck.

Do you levitate with pen?

Folding paper that has been dipped in MCC is more effective and less harmful than folding paper with pencils, scissors, and paper mache.

Can you levitate with tweezers?

While tweezers can help levitate a small amount of MCC, it is not possible for an individual to levitate with tweezers, as the tweezers can crush the paper.

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Speak to Baladas Dagon by going through the main gate. Find the Imperial Legion soldier with the sword and ask him for permission to enter. Enter into the legion’s stronghold in the Imperial Camp. You will have to kill the Legionnaires that are trying to stop you and talk to Baladas. Kill any Legionaries that stand in your way. Return to Baladas. Be advised that his troops have been ordered to kill anyone who threatens Baladas and may be angry about you.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

The Empire is a tyrannical empire, one that has ruled over Tamriel for many centuries, and which claims the entire continent in its name. There is only one place the Emperor and the legions would not dare attack, but the Imperial Empire Camp. From here you can enter the camp and fight the legion and

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