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A few people have asked why I call the game “The Road”, when I really just like naming things. I’m an old-school author, so I just call it a game.

When I started writing games, a lot of it involved the writing process of trying to create a character. Some of those characters are actually in the games, but not all, which was one of the reason for me trying to find out who I’d be writing about first.

I did research on what games really are and tried to look at it from a number of angles to determine the type of writing I liked best, as I wanted a game that appealed to more than a small group of games fans, and I wanted an adventure that was not just a game made by a bunch of people with a single purpose in mind.

It worked like that at least through the first part of development, but there were a few times in the future, when I couldn’t come up with anything that was suitable. The most obvious example was when I tried to fit a few interesting things into a very simple setup, but because it was very short, I eventually decided to end it with a quick scene, instead of building up to the big reveal of the story.

I’m not entirely sure when this happened, but at some point I realized that the story I was developing wasn’t as interesting and that it became a distraction to me.
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I’ve said many times that I was trying to get back into writing full time, and to see what came out of it, after a few short years, as a game. But that story stopped being the main priority when I got serious about writing short stories, but before that I was just trying to make a good game and that was the main goal all along.

I think there’s something I can tell you, and perhaps I don’t even need to explain it. I really didn’t want to make anything that would be anything like what I had just put out. I am extremely happy with anything I make, in fact. It can be anything I want it to be. I’m not saying this for anyone’s benefit, but I wanted to think that what I was creating may be better than anything that I had ever created before…

The new “Halo” movie is looking at the world as a giant alien war over resources, with each side determined to destroy the others.

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