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Practical information on how to palm a coin is contained in the book The Practical Guide to Palming a Coin, the only book which will ever be able to do that. This book has a section called “Palmting Techniques”. This contains the information that you would learn about and if you know a bit about coin mechanics then this section will allow you to palm the coin. Of course you must be able to know how to palm a coin, since you will be putting your hand in it for the very first time.

Please visit my page on Palmning a Coin. That page has a good outline of the process, but you will have missed the parts for the best palmning technique.

How will I know if there is a problem with my palm?

You will probably have to wait until you actually try to “palm” to find out if there will be a problem

Can I use my hand to palm a coin that is not my own?

Only if it is the “right” hand. The other hand, when correctly handled, will be able to “palm the coin”.

Can I palm the coin that is not mine?

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You need to have the rights and/or the rights to the coin

Can I palm my own coin?

Only if it is your own coin.

Can I palm my own coin if the other person is using the same hand?

You need to know the right way to handle the coin. When you learn this technique you will understand how to “palm” it correctly. It is not possible to palm a coin if the other person “palms or tries to palm a coin” or is using the same hand that they are using. (You need to be able to handpalm a coin correctly.)

Will it look different with my coin?

You will have to do some trial and error. You will need to experiment by putting the coin in one side and then trying it out on the other side.

Will I get more coin with palm vs. no hand?

Only if your coin is yours. (Your coin is a little bigger.) If your coin is not your own, and it is someone else’s coin, you just may get more coins with palm. They will not be identical. If they are not identical though they will be very different.

Does palmning a coin mean that the coin should be removed from the table?

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