How do you palm a coin? – Magic Trick Cards

1. Get your grip just in time to touch the coin.

2. If you are short to the coin, don’t reach for it too quickly before you touch it. It may catch you by surprise.

3. Use an airtight pocket when holding the coin.

4. Keep your back straight so you don’t have to think about moving your arm. Your arm will move in time to the drop.

5. You may be able to palm a few times in succession, or you may need to do multiple palmings for the same coin.

6. Avoid touching any coin while looking at how the drop is on the face of the coin. That causes the drop to look “off.”

7. If an edge of the coin is missing, keep the grip on the coin and don’t try to drop it.

8. If the coin is a nickel, keep your grip on the coin.

9. Keep your face upright when you move your hand.

10. Look ahead at the drop, and be aware that the coin may drop as soon as you look at it.

11. Keep your front face straight and watch how the coin falls from your grip of it.

12. Pay Attention to the drop. Watch for the coin if possible.

13. Watch for the coin after you pay attention to the drop. Watch for the top.

14. Pay attention to the tip or the coin’s edge. Watch for it to fall if it does so and to wait for it to fall again (which will continue to fall).

15. After the drop, look up at the coin after what your attention was paying attention to before.

16. When you see a coin move, move your palm out to the side, and keep paying attention to the drop.

17. If you cannot touch the coin, don’t pay it any attention.

18. If you have to palm a coin, keep your front face straight and your back straight.

19. Keep your back straight and don’t get tired from paying attention.

20. Pay attention to the drop. Watch for the edge of the coin if you can, and pay attention to how the coin lands on the face of it if you can’t.

21. Pay attention to how the Coin is being handled. Pay attention to how the drop of the coin is being handled. Pay attention to how the

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