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The “psychic” approach to a psychic is to think of the psychic as someone standing in a dark chamber (typically with a mirror at one end of the room). Then, for the purposes of the mentalist’s analysis, the mirror is said to be the mind of his psychic. As a result of his analysis, the psychic thinks he, himself, now has the power to fly. He can do anything with his invisible power.

The problem with this method is that the mentalist needs to get his psychic, first of all, to believe he actually possesses the ability to fly: as described above, the psychic needs to believe in his own mind that he can fly.

However, the mentalist’s problem is that he, as a practitioner of ESP, is trained to analyze any belief, whether it be true or false, as a belief in the mind. The same person performing the analysis has to first believe on the basis of a mental theory, a theory he must develop at all times. He then must find a way of analyzing the power of a belief in the mental theory or else it will not serve him as an analytical tool. One solution, therefore, would be to replace the analysis with some form of evidence provided by another entity. Another would be to use the same method with other kinds of psychic power.

As is well known, the mentalist has found many methods of finding an external reality that have the advantage of being able to be used as data for the internal analysis. One of these methods is the phenomenon of “superconductivity” (also known as “super-paradox”) used for many centuries by scientists, engineers, and artists.

In the present method, we can substitute the ability of observation and analysis for ESP or other psychic ability. This does not make the method less correct or more useful, although the second method offers much higher degree of accuracy. Nevertheless, the first method is better and is the method commonly used in the field of psychology.

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