How does a pencil work? – Good Magic Tricks For Beginners With Cards

We’ll assume the following: Your pencil is one of five different-colored “shapes”. The shapes are:

A straight line.

An arrow.

A circle.

A rounded rectangle.

Let’s explore each of these shapes and figure out how to write or draw with it:

A Straight Line

A straight line on the page makes a line, but only one line. That is, you have to draw the line with an X direction perpendicular to the edge of the page (if you have a pen and you’re drawing a line by hand, you simply draw the line with the point where you want the pen to end up). A straight line is made by drawing a line perpendicular to the line on the page and perpendicular to the page’s edge, such as in figure 1.

Let’s find out which of these two shapes is the right one to draw by drawing the following two arrows on the page:

The first arrow is drawn from a point B to a point A. This makes a perfect straight line.

The second arrow is drawn from A to point C. This makes a short, straight line (the same as A).

However, it happens that there is another shape on this page that makes a straight line but does not point to B and to C.

A Circular Arc Can Be Drawn

An arc is made by drawing a circular arc by dividing a straight section into different segments (see figure 2).

The length of the arc can always be taken to be the same. In the first case, this is easy: the length is either the length of one arc segment, in which case the length of the perpendicular to this segment must be equal to 1/2 of the circle diameter, or the length of an entire arc segment if it is a single segment. In the second case, the ratio of the length of one segment to the length of the whole segment must be known.

To draw a circular arc, all we do, is draw the segment from a specified initial point at a random position at the top-left corner of the page.

Let’s sketch two sections, one at a random position and one at random locations in the same section. A horizontal row is drawn in the middle and the vertical row at random locations. This is just like this:

A Single Point Point A straight line (or arrow) is made when the two segments intersect at that specific point, and when

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