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It’s like the famous story of The Squeaky Dolphin, about a woman who got two sets of needles stuck in her body and had to spend the next 48 hours lying in bed, her flesh hanging half out of the window, as doctors tried to remove them.

But it’s the needle trick that has made David Blaine a worldwide icon.

This is the famous video David Blaine performed in 1990 to promote his new DVD:

‘What you’re going to be hearing is something that I never thought I’d ever do because I thought I was so cool and had no business doing it,’ says Blaine in that clip.

‘I did it in Las Vegas, I did it in the desert, I did it on a boat. You’re going to see it. You’re going to be totally amazed. If I tell you, it won’t happen. I’d never do that to anybody.’

Did Blaine actually stick his finger in someone’s chest and squeeze?

This is what Blaine did, as he performed an alligator-like trick:

At the time, these videos seemed so unbelievable, and Blaine’s entire career seems to have flown up the flagpole.

So why is Blaine still popular?

The answer is that what he does isn’t as weird as what people thought it would be.

People just like him because there is something about David Blaine…

This has to do with the fact that he is a freak.

You won’t believe what happens at the beginning of Blaine’s music videos, when he appears nude and his body is just like somebody else’s. It’s a scene that is almost impossible to understand.

There are some weird parts of Blaine’s videos but those are the odd things he does.

That weird scene was probably something that he wanted to show his fans – just like what he did with the fake snake.

It is amazing how all these things, as they are explained, seem like a piece of cake to be true.

You see – David Blaine is so cool!

A lot of people think that David Blaine is the most famous and successful musician in the world but is that really true?

Surely we can find people that were more famous…

Did someone say “Dance with the Stars”?

A lot of people thought that it was impossible to find David Blaine out there.

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