How does levitation magic trick work? – Smarter Living Podcast

Levitation magic is a magic magic that does not rely on a body. When magician takes off his body he is floating freely in mid-air. A magician’s body is merely a vehicle to move in air. However when someone puts on their magic robe, that magician becomes invisible as they move. But a magician cannot use magic by using his or her body to move. Therefore, when magician takes off their body they become invisible as they fly through the air without using their body at all. The magician uses magic while floating in mid-air to fly to his designated destination (e.g. school, party). He or she will not lose their powers over their own bodies. What is happening is that as magician is floating without using his or her body, he or she is not using any magical power. The only powers the magician uses are the ones he or she have to him or herself. As such, the magician is no more a body than what he or she is being levitated by. The magician has total control of his or her own power when they are flying, and is free to use what power he or she needs in order to get there. The magician’s own body makes little difference. The important point is that when the magician uses his or her body, he or she becomes invulnerable to physical injury or death. And when the magician uses their own body, they are immune from any kind of destruction, but this is just the physical manifestation of the magician’s own powers, which are also invulnerable to physical injury or death. The levitation magic also works in reverse, using the magician’s body to keep the magician airborne and safe from an attack. The magician is using his or her own body while flying. The magician is not using magic in mid-air. That is why the magician’s flying form is extremely powerful and invulnerable. The magician’s own body is the only body part that can be hit or broken, and it must be hit in a certain way, so that magic powers won’t be broken. All else is irrelevant, as the body will only be damaged if it causes damage or acts as a tool to accomplish the magician’s goals. The magician’s own body acts as a shield which can block attacks and damage. The magician’s body can also be thrown as a weapon. The magic weapon can also be used to block a certain amount of damage. The magician’s body is not a tool. As such, anyone can hit him or her for various reasons. The magician’s body cannot be hit

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