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This is an old problem, and one I’m getting an awful lot of hate as well. I think there’s some validity to the idea that you can’t really close up in MTG, because you usually end up opening a card off the bottom of the deck that’s not the one you expected. However, MTG really does close up at the bottom—so you don’t really have to open all four copies of that card to close up if you don’t want to. (There’s just not enough room for an entire deck with that many cards down on the bottom for MTG to work—but you’ll find plenty of decks out there that close up enough that they might even be able to compete with MTG.

In other words, there really is no specific way to close up. A couple different strategies work, you just have to try it and see.

Another interesting issue is the lack of instant speed creatures. Instant speed creatures are awesome—and they’re also completely dead in EDH that relies on instants for the way the metagame is set up. A lot of cards in those formats rely on an instant speed source of attack speed, so there’s no real way to play a creature, and no way to play a creature that can’t play the instant. That said, this leaves an opportunity that you do have—the creature, creature enchantment, and creature combat tricks that exist in those formats, but if the target creature dies in combat you get a free card. If you’re playing against someone who plays a lot of instants, this can be a huge advantage.

In Modern, I have many decks built around creatures, but sometimes the most effective approach to closing up is to sacrifice one of them to draw cards or have an activated ability that allows you to sacrifice the creature in a pinch. If I’m in a blue deck, a lot of times I’ll do that by playing a 2/2 creature that can cast an enchantment or have an activated ability, then take all of my opponents’ creatures. If you’re playing Grixis Control, you can also do this and take an entire opponent’s deck and make it useless.

MTG has a great ability to get players to close up—one card that was specifically put into Magic that can often close up a round is a creature that just deals X damage as you discard it. There’s no real reason that you can’t also get players to “do something” when a card like this pops out of

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