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Is he a psychic? Is he just a good friend that’s been on the right side of history? Or is he the ultimate force behind the “New Age” movement? Will he finally face his real father, Richard “Rip” Williams and prove that he really is one of their kind? The answers to those questions will haunt Riddle readers in Season 13, as they struggle against a demonic entity that threatens to undo all they’ve worked toward to bring order to the world.

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“The Riddle of Steel” (Season 5, Episode 21)

This is the story of the journey from the last of the “New Age” prophets to the dawn of the “New Age” prophet himself, and to the fateful “Riddle of Steel” that will determine the final fate of the New Age after his death. In a final battle against the demons known only as the Reapers, the prophet is torn apart – but not before he will be reborn as a hero and leader for the rest of his days.

“Linda” (Season 5, Episode 23)

The final installment of the trilogy: the saga of Linda.

“The Last Day of Summer” (Season 6)

In a series of events that would forever define the history of the “New Age” movement, Linda is transformed into a supernatural creature and a weapon of war. Riddle fans will find a shocking conclusion in this finale installment.

“Riddle of Steel” (Season 6, Episode 24)

The final episode of the trilogy: The saga of Riddle.

“The Dark Tower” (Season 7)

With the help of a mysterious young man, Roland searches for the lost pages of The Gunslinger. Meanwhile, the Kingpin, in the final showdown against Miki, is left with one last chance to make a last stand to free the people of Chicago from him.

“The Green” (Season 8)

Roland and his companions seek the whereabouts of Miki, who may still hold the pages that contain the “Green Codex.” Meanwhile, the Reapers have found a new host in Dr. Emmett. Will Roland defeat the evil entity that awaits with their first meeting in the finale? Or will Roland find that the book that Emmett has given him is not what it is?

“Linda” (Season 8, Episode 25)

Roland and Miki find a new ally in the form of a mysterious stranger

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