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“Levitation occurs when a material or a combination of materials is propelled or accelerated from a higher or lower location by a force and the resultant movement does not change with direction. (the original question, did humans really walk on water?)”

“It is also an idea that was widely accepted in the 19th century. In the book Scientific American of 1884, the writer, Isaac Newton, writes that a simple method for levitation could be devised which would cause the user to fall to the ground, but “would be still able to continue to stand on his feet.” This notion was later proven by experiments with a spring. It is thought this is a simple concept based on the principle of an electric circuit. However, Newton’s idea of levitation was rejected by the physics community because it would be an impossible demonstration and because it would not exist without any mass force.”

“In this case, you just have a pile of stones. It’s not a problem to levitate them, because if there’s no mass, then it’s just a pile of rock. But if it’s a mass then it’s not a pile of rock anymore, it’s a pile of stones. So you’re talking about a mass with some sort of weight, and then you can imagine a whole bunch of these stones moving around a little bit. You don’t have to know how to levitate them. They are quite easy to move.” See the answer to our question “How long does it take to go from a distance of 5m to infinity?” for details.

Q: Where does that “time of the universe” term come from?

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Q: I am wondering where your theories on the “time of the universe” originate? How can you reconcile them with Newtonian mechanics (which states that a time is the interval between two events) and with the quantum theory (which states that time is an instantaneous process in space and time)?

Q: Where does “time” come from in mathematics? What does “time” mean in your cosmologies?

Q: Why doesn’t your cosmology have a singularity?

Q: What are your plans to address the fact that the observable universe could never have existed if you hold to your cosmological model, and why have you avoided the subject in the past?

Q: What does that mean to you that

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