Is levitation real or an illusion? – Magic Tricks For Beginners With Money

What are the best (and worst) reasons to believe in a levitation?

Does levitation actually make the whole world levitate?

Can you levitate a ball?

What if there really were no such thing as gravity?

Is there a limit to levitation?

Are we all walking on air like a ghost?

Do you really need any more convincing than that?

You can find the full list of questions and answers here.


This week we’re featuring some of the great work being done by the #1 WordPress plugins community. Here we have our own featured plugins, an award-winning blogging theme, a simple theme and our own premium WordPress theme. For your convenience, these plugins will also be available on our free WordPress plugin repository.

All of our plugins are available for free here. We’re also offering paid subscriptions so you can always purchase additional features, such as themes and plugins.

Featured Plugins

This week we’re highlighting some of our most active plugins for WordPress.


WP-CLI-Template is a simple, free plugin for creating templates using the CLI. With the CLI you can easily write plugins that leverage WP CLI commands, and you can create your own templates with the easy interface.

Install WP-CLI-Template from Jetpack.

WP-CLI-Template works in conjunction with WP-CLI-MVC, so you can extend WP-CLI-MVC using WP-CLI-Template for powerful and customizable web pages. WP-CLI-Template works both in WordPress version 4 and 5.x.


Widgets is a WordPress plugin for quickly adding widgets to your layouts. If you are familiar with the plugin API from ThemeForest you will not be lost in wwidgets’ functionality. Widgets allows you to combine WordPress elements so that they become part of your layout. Widgets allows you to make your site the perfect home for your favorite widgets.

Install Widgets from Jetpack.


WP-Post-Template has two primary purpose. First, it provides the WordPress admin to post multiple posts to a single page. Next, WP-Post-Template contains all the common WordPress features such as custom post, page, post type, tags, etc. (For a complete list of plugins please visit WP

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