Is levitation real or an illusion? – Magic Tricks With Coins

There are two general theories of how levitation works: electro-magnetism in general and some type of electromagnetic induction in particular. Both are based on magnetic fields. It turns out, though, most people think that levitation is in fact something that is real. So which theory is right?

You would think if you were to find two scientists who are both convinced that levitation is a real phenomenon, it would be easy to pick one. Not so. For years, we have all looked at the same data and argued from a variety of different angles based on our understanding of the physics of gravity. But after spending so much time thinking and writing about what we know and what we don’t know, we are both convinced that something really remarkable is going on.

How did you come to this conclusion?

I think the best explanation for the phenomenon comes down to what I call “psychics versus psychics.” The difference is whether we are talking about a person who claims to walk on water or a person who claims to have received psychic messages from the sky. In the last two decades, psychics have become quite popular. Some of them, and they are not a small number, are professional psychic mediums. Psychics are people who claim to have received messages from the spirits at the center of our universe.

They say they can see spirits in our minds and bodies, that they can talk to them or that they appear to them and ask questions of them. They may even talk into their phones—they claim you can even call into a psychic who has just died. And even though they may not receive psychic messages, they have very good memories, which makes most people think they are actually psychic. This has created a tremendous demand for paranormal or psychic services, and the business has exploded in both popularity and price, because so many people can’t afford to be skeptical of the paranormal.

How does this compare to how we think of psychics in general?

Most people think of psychics as just ordinary people talking to themselves or with their phones. The trouble with this idea is that the psychic mediums talk with spirits that exist as part of their own consciousness. The problem that these mediums have is they aren’t doing it with their own intelligence. They’re only using their intuition and their emotions rather than their intelligence.

When we think about how psychics work, these are all very powerful tools, so they have a lot of potential because they can be very intuitive.

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