Is magic an illusion?

Do humans make it up?

If a woman loses her eye on her wedding day, can God intervene to heal it?

And who is God? He’s in all of us.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Dr. Drew tells his audience on the show:

The first thing a woman should ask about a cosmetic surgery, is is is it medically necessary? So the way your brain and brain chemistry works is that it doesn’t really matter at all what you look like anymore. You make the most of each facial expression, you express who you are inside and you express that in some way, how the skin and hair gets rid of or forms. But when you don’t have any hope of having it back in one day, you want to know: “Am I going to have enough money to care for myself or the other person that it goes to?” We don’t really understand or talk about this. We’re not going to cure cancer or the flu, and we’re not going to do anything for people with heart disease. If you look at a typical face, it is a combination of a number of different functions. The way a surgeon looks at it, there is only one function — to create a flawless image.

So not in a couple’s relationship, is it necessary that two people look like the same thing? Dr. Drew also points out:

So if you have two people with a beautiful face but a different nose, both of them look ugly, doesn’t that mean the face in reality is ugly?

And if two people have their skin different colors, who is a good color painter?

I don’t see where this is all about “recreation.”

Are we really so afraid of what we might look like, if our skin is different? (Actually, I don’t care if it’s different colors in this context.)

I do care if we look different. I don’t want to be one of those people who can’t wear pink or blue or purple or green or even red without feeling bad.

And I do think that we are all capable of “reproducing” something of ourselves. For example, there are many people who are very aware of the beauty of their features, but they do not have any concept of creating something of themselves from the inside out. It was all so new to them.

So, if I ever see “Beautiful People” on a magazine cover