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Magic is one of the fundamental pillars of our modern civilization. If you look at the history of civilization, you’ll find that magic has come and gone. A little bit earlier on in time, people thought that magic was a thing of the past, but since then, magic has returned in the form of magicians. At present, there are over 1,500 magicians in the world. It seems that each of them have their own specialty and their own specialty is magic. This is a true miracle in this world.

How can one go and not even know the name of this genius?

What kind of a genius has she gotten herself into?

I look at the image of the girl sitting on the throne and smile. Is it because her appearance and voice are as beautiful as her body, or is it because she is so smart that she’s been able to come to this spot?

Is it because she is one of the two or three people that was always in my heart, in both of my dreams? Or is it that even though it seems like the world is coming to an end, she will be the one that will continue to live long after this?

Who knows?

At the moment, nothing has changed.

Just as I was thinking about this, the king comes over to me. His eyes are slightly moist. His face is white, but I can still see the anger that’s burning on.

“Hoo… Are you quite alright.” (Lancer)

“Huh? Why, I am good!” (Lancer)

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The king is saying that I am fine. I guess he isn’t talking about his pride. I don’t get why he would come over and ask about my goodness in that way. I guess he was trying to show off, the way he treated me before….

“Ah! We’ve lost!” (Bishamonten)

While talking for a bit more, the king approaches me. He puts his hand on my shoulders and then lifts me up.

“I won! I won’t let the two knights who defeated us off!” (Bishamonten)

“Yes… So do you have something to say?” (Lancer)

“Heey… You… You’re stronger than those two!!!” (Bishamonten)

“… I am strong and I fight well as well. And you are too easy

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