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Telekinesis: In terms of being able to control things with your eyes in the way that you see, that’s basically what this means. It’s something people have done as a way of teleporting objects; if you see a big boulder and you want to walk on it. People do it in different ways to make it possible. To do that with something that’s really solid is very difficult, to say the least. This is it, we’re actually building our ship together.

How did you decide what type of power would be found on the ship?

Holloway: The idea was to find something that wasn’t physically possible. If something were to fall from the sky, it would literally go through the ship. It’d get crushed, but not explode. We wanted something that had a greater mechanical strength than an explosive blast, and also the weight of a boulder isn’t as important as what it does in the water.

What do you think the ship’s design will consist of?

Holloway: This isn’t just a spaceship; it’s something that, at least for the time being, we’re building as a living, breathing, sentient space station. It will look the way it will. It already has a name. It’s called the Orion, and it’s named after the Roman god who was the first man in space. This is the ship that we’re building, and it’s going to be one of the largest spaceships we’ve ever built.

Will it be able to be used by a single man, or will it be able to operate alongside other ships?

Holloway: The ship that we’re building will have a crew of more than a few members. It’ll be able to be manned by a very large group. So a human would actually be working as a crew member, for example. We really want to make it something that’s sustainable; we don’t want it to be built by one person forever. It has to be able to be modified in order to be able to go back and do more. And we’re designing it and prototyping it with the aim of getting into space again and having that capability someday.

Is there a particular part of the ship that the public will most want to see first?
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Holloway: One hundred per cent, absolutely. The thing that the public will want to see is the bridge, because they want to be able to interact with it physically. And they

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