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In simple terms, a rocket motor or an aircraft may be launched. The motors produce momentum, then the aeroplane or rocket uses these momentum to lift it in a circular motion. It is said that most people understand how a rocket goes up by just seeing the exhaust. The rocket’s rocket motor spins, a tiny amount, up and down in a circle. The exhaust from the rocket’s exhaust gets a little bit in front of the air and blows the jet stream in the opposite direction. We call that jet stream lift. The motion of this jet stream becomes stronger after the rocket is fired as it accelerates the aeroplane/rocket. In a typical rocket, the exhaust goes almost perpendicular to the direction of travel, so it is only slightly lift. A motor propelled by a jet stream lift will never take off from a stationary platform. It can fly, but it cannot accelerate.

Aircrafts also make their own jet streams. We have never done the calculations to determine how much a plane travels when an aeroplane flies, but we know something about a jet stream itself. The jet stream is not a stream; it is the shape of the movement of the air over the wing as the wing moves. If you have looked into wind tunnel testing, you see that aeroplanes do create their own jet streams and can generate them at high velocities (in aviation terms: supersonic). For instance, if a jet has enough lift to fly, and a turbine provides the power, the thrust created by the wind turbine turns the plane along like a piston. If the plane goes forward, the jet stream moves the jet stream forward. If the direction of the air stream is from the front to the back of the ship, the jet stream moves back. Aeroplanes create this air stream by a sequence of turns. The aeroplane is going in a straight line at an altitude, but with the turbine turning the ship can rotate, making the plane go up and down in a circle. You will remember that a cylinder makes a perfect circle when you are turning the corner at an angle of 90 degrees.
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As mentioned earlier in “Soylent Green”, this air stream motion is similar to that which we observe in helicopters. Helicopters move as air streams. They make these air streams by turning rotor blades, but instead of turning the blades around in a circle or the direction of travel, they turn the wing to rotate the blade. An aeroplane may make these rotations of the wing

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