What do you call a person with magical powers? – Cool Magic Tricks Step By Step

A demon.

They’re so very rare. Very, very rare.

What do demons look like?

They take on a human form and they look like a demon.

You mean a human with demonic powers.


So that’s one thing. And then you can go back to all the others.

Like who is the leader of the demons? What was the origin of the demon race in the stories.

That’s a whole other story.

What happened to all the demons before the fall?

A lot of them ended up in the hands of the human races. And they’ve been in every corner of the world.

Have there been any of them that have escaped or been able to come back?

Maybe one of them managed to escape and became an assassin…but that’s it. Some people were able to turn out to still be demons. Most of the demons that are alive in our world. What you have to remember is that these aren’t ghosts. All our demons are still demons to us. Because what we’re looking at are still demons. Even the ones in the world that seem to have left.

The ones that escaped?

The ones that we’ve destroyed.

That’s the kind of demon.


The ones that are in the world.


Then let’s get back to the story of the four sisters. Who is one of them?

The one I think.

I know.

But what do you say to all the girls who say that they hate their mother so that all the time they’re talking about her. And that they’re so sad that they only talk about her.

You know, I would say if you’re talking about your mother then it’s fine. But if you’re talking about something else then the question of course should be: “Do you like your mother?” Because maybe you want to go home and be at peace with your mother. Or maybe because you love your mother and you want to be happy with her.

If you love your mother, then I’m not sure what I would say to you here.

I can tell you that you should try and find peace. I’ve always wanted to start with that. It should be easy for you to find peace. I don’t believe in having too many conflicts.

“If you’re talking about

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