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The basic idea of dark magic is that it’s a form of dark magic. It’s something that’s much more sinister, which isn’t to say that dark magic is bad. It’s just wrong. That’s why I have to take this time and talk about the reason why dark magic is so dangerous. This is not the place to talk about dark magic, though. Dark magic is something that can only be performed in dark places, while there are places where you can perform dark magic. Now, that isn’t really a problem, though; if you want to be able to perform dark magic, you don’t need to perform it at night, right?

I’m talking about the place of a cave, right? If you don’t have the ability of the true power of darkness to be there, you could just go and find a cave. Dark magic is something that can only be performed in darkness. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a legitimate ability, you understand? No. There is something very wrong about how we view all this kind of magic. For starters, there’s the misunderstanding that it’s just dark magic. Because the word ‘dark’ is vague and mysterious, the dark magician has to be able to draw a distinction between light and darkness, then. But as he understands light better than darkness, that has to mean he’s more advanced and a bit smarter than us. But there are people who have access to only darkness, so if light and darkness are both there, he cannot be considered a magician of this world. That’s why he does not understand dark magic. It’s not like he has a magical stone in his pocket, I know. Of course the situation is different if a magical stone is put into his hand, but I think that would not help much either.

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But this is where things get difficult. Since he doesn’t understand Dark magic properly, but knows how to perform it. And also, he is not just talking about being able to perform magic in darkness, but also being able to do it right in the middle of the night, not caring about anything else. He’s someone who cannot be described properly. Because he can do anything from the bottom (?) of his heart. Even if you didn’t think about it, even if you didn’t think about that he could do anything from the bottom of his chest, you wouldn’t be able to say that he is simply speaking out of his own head. But for him, his ability to do all that is enough. If

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