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Magic usually refers to any form of mystical power. However, dark magic is usually used to cause the deaths of those who possess it, and it is considered very dangerous.

Dark magicks may also have a mystical or supernatural quality, such as being able or needing to be used for the fulfillment of personal goals or desires.

Dark magic is generally considered taboo; unless using it in an extremely magical fashion, anyone caught using it would be guilty of a class 4 Disadvantage.

How to avoid dark magic

Magic has the power to harm anyone with whom it is taught, and the practice of magick can give its wielder great power. Therefore, there will be dangers involved in using dark magic for personal or political gain. Many dark magic users choose to ignore the dark side and make use of their dark talents instead, but they should take care not to cross the line to misuse dark magic.

Dark magicks can only be used to perform the spell, and the mage must always keep the spell spellbook in mind. It is possible, however, to cast a spell without using a spellbook, although this is highly punishable by the law. The caster of the spell has a 20% chance of being unable to use dark magic for a month.

Dark magic does not come out of thin air. To use dark magic for personal gain, a person must commit an act of evil and attempt to convince someone of it. In order to cast a spell, a caster has the skill to use the Dark Arts as written in the Tome of Necromancy. It is not magic that one has learned through ordinary reading; it is the ability to use the arts to manipulate life, death, truth, and goodness, and to create or destroy. In addition, a caster must have a talent for the dark arts to learn them, but a magus can learn his dark arts from either a book or from his or her soul.

Dark magic may also create more than one of its own. A caster may learn multiple dark magic spells even if she has only learned one spell at such time. Some spells are more harmful than others. A spell that poisons or mutilates a living being’s soul or soul is likely to cause death.

Dark magic spells are used to manipulate life, but they are not meant to do so. If you wish to transform an animal or a person into a form to which he or she is not inherently capable of adapting, for example, it is only

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