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The link matrix is a way of comparing (numerically) two images, by showing the number of pixels in a line between the two. What are a link matrix dimensions?

What is a link matrix? The link matrix is a way of comparing (numerically) two images, by showing the number of pixels in a line between the two. What data are we showing? Here are some examples of visualizations of two circles:

A new generation of ultra-high-definition televisions is coming to market soon, as LG unveiled the TV-maker’s first TV capable of playing 1080p and 4K Ultra High Dynamic Range video at the CES conference in Las Vegas on, Wednesday.

LG had already unveiled its Q3 2016 QLED TV, which was capable of displaying an image in 4K. It also introduced several new 4K HDR TVs, from its G Series to T60, which was designed to work with the company’s HDR Ready Content content, as well as HDR content from other companies.

The TV-maker also unveiled the TV-maker’s first 4K UHD HDR TV, which was capable of playing some 4K UHD content. It’s also the first 4K-ready TV in the company’s portfolio.

“Samsung and Sony pioneered 4K HDR in 2011, but we couldn’t wait,” said Ralf-Philippe Seifert, a communications executive. “Samsung and Sony also had a good partnership. So we brought HDR to television as consumer-friendly content.”

“In 2015, we also announced our first 4K HDR 4K TV,” he continued. “The LG TV is now our 4K HDR TV for 2017.”

At CES, LG’s VP, Consumer Marketing, Lee Jeong Jin, said the TV could be released in March.
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Also at CES, Samsung unveiled two new OLED TVs, that are capable of playing 4K videos, 4K UHD videos, and movies at maximum 1080p resolution, as well as UHD movies and 4K videos.

It’s been months since we last saw the new and improved TARDIS, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen them take their rightful place among the best Doctor Who moments ever and it’s certainly never been done by this series. Well that and we are just really glad they’re still there, but what can we expect next time they pop up?

So today’s Doctor Who Magazine – a weekly story from David Tennant, Jenna Coleman

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