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“In fact, most people have experienced this kind of reading, but I am not aware of anyone specifically named ‘Tolkien’ doing this in his books,” says Mark.

And although people are quite familiar with “The Hobbit,” Tolkien did not do it in great detail. “The books do not have a lot of ‘bombs’ in them — in fact, the last book in the trilogy, The Return of the King, did not use bomb-dropping as any particular device (it’s not clear if Tolkien was intending to include this in his story and/or even that he saw it as a possible device), but he did mention it, in passing, as a plot device,” says Tye.

In other words, the book does not really require Tolkiening to read it, but is it really worth the trouble?

We tend to think that Tolkien was a master of all he surveyed — and that’s the way it feels to us, but if we delve a bit deeper, the situation changes.

“Tolkien’s books, although often criticized, were actually very intelligent, complex, and original. His characters, worlds, landscapes, magic, plots, and his ‘wandering imagination’ were all very impressive. It would be really strange to think that someone like Tolkien, whose ideas had been around since childhood, couldn’t have drawn ideas similar to the world in his books,” says Tye.

Tolkien may not have created a ‘Tolkien novel’ — but he did write one that contained many parallels, to other works, in ways that made it both a masterpiece and a complete work of fiction.

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“One could draw many parallel points of reference between the works. For example, The Hobbit had many references to The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien thought that readers should take note and remember those, as well,” says Mark.

Tolkien also drew many parallels between his own work and those he thought other authors should draw parallels from. For example, many stories in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ (especially The Fellowship of the Ring) focus on the dangers of magic and that those who practice magic are bound to be unhappy. For people who aren’t Tolkien fans, this may not matter. But for Tolkien fans, it does matter.

Mark also cites one of the reasons people are interested in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ — it is a great example of how a classic story, with a famous author at the central character’s side, can

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