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Mind reading is the ability to read a person’s mind in order to guess what they are thinking or how they are feeling. To read their mind, a person will most often use a reading device such as a phone and a tablet. They will then use a voice-activated program like Alexa or Google Assistant to read their mind. A person who uses a voice-activated program is called a “brain-to-mouth” program.

What is a mind reading mind reader?

To be considered a mind reader, your device and app must do this. For example, if your device allows you to open a file using a voice-activated program, this must also be a mind reader. If you take a physical picture with a camera (like a picture camera), it is a mind reader. But if a person takes a picture (like an iPhone 8 Plus), but then opens that picture using voice activation (like on the Kindle Fire or the Oculus Rift), that is not a mind reader, it’s like opening the pictures using a voice-activated program.

Who’s this for, why?

This is a great tool for people who have low-vision devices (such as people with visual impairments) or those who use a speech-sensing device. For these people, the voice-based app helps a lot by allowing them to read, use a book, watch movies, play games, and so on. Because you do not need an eye-scope and because there is no need to wear glasses when using the Kindle Paperwhite or the Oculus Rift, this is a great accessory to take with you on the go (unless of course, you are planning on buying a device, as that is where the potential uses for this app stop).

What does this device work with?

This tablet has a keyboard built-in; the touchscreen will be used to show users a number of voice-activated commands that are designed to help them with everyday tasks, such as opening a file, getting directions, or listening to music. This can be extended for more functionality beyond this use-case. Also, users who like to read books, audiobooks and other physical content can interact with their device through the touch screen, which is great!

It sounds like there are two ways to connect this to your smart device. First, simply plug the tablet into any HDMI or USB port (or adapter) and then connect it to your computer’s computer via USB. Alternatively, you can use WiFi

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