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The name Nature Magic translates to “something that is natural.” These are not the traditional “magic spells” that wizards use in their day-to-day lives, but natural abilities like breathing that can’t be learned.

The magic of nature can be described by an analogy, if that’s relevant to this discussion. Imagine sitting in an office in your university’s library. You are holding a book that tells you what to do when you read a book. But what if you don’t want to read anymore? Can you just close the book? Can you just turn it around and move on? Of course, you can’t turn it around if you can’t breathe, which is magic.

But what if the book tells you to breathe? Yes, it’s hard to breathe, but the book might even help. Maybe you’ve read some magic books where you’ve needed to breathe and now you can. If that is the case, then it is a natural magic. And as the book said it was “natural.”

Nature magic can also be described as “natural force.” Magic spells might be called Natural Force Magic, for instance.

The Magic Word “Reality”

The world has many names, all different from each other.

Nature, like us, consists of energy, matter, and life. Nature spells are based on magical energies, life, or matter. Magic spells rely on natural forces, life, or matter. Natural forces can come from other forces or just be natural in themselves. Magic works with nature (or something like it) and has no need of anything else.

What is magic? Magic is when something is given power or energy, or sometimes, “wielded.” Magic can be physical, magical, mental, or spiritual. “Magic” itself is another word for “energy” or “matter.” Energy is a basic energy and matter is our physical existence. Magic is the way we understand electricity, or how to make someone walk.

What is a spell? There are three spells, the Magic Word, Magic Spell, and Magic Spell. These spells can be used to create or change things, so we have four different categories: “Magic,” “Nature,” “Magic,” and “Nature.” All magic spells use some magical energy or some magical force. So the word “magic,” as explained above, means both “something that is magical” and “something that is used or created by nature.”

When to Use A Magic Spell

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