What is Teller’s first name? – Simple Magic Tricks With Hands

The first of many names of the actor, known for playing Dr. Simon Tennant in The X-Files

What is his favorite food?

His favorite food is an avocado.

What is his favorite movie?

The Godfather

How is the actor’s voice?

He does a very deep and smooth British voice.

What is his favorite movie?

A Good Life

What is his favorite movie in general?

He had never seen a movie before this one and so was unfamiliar with the character of Caesar

What is his favorite movie character?

Bertolt Brecht

What is his favorite movie character?


What is his favorite character in the movies?

John Wayne

What are “Caucasians” most afraid of?


What is his favorite color?

His favorite color is a dark blue

What is his favorite food?


If he was a celebrity what type of movie would he be in?


What if Teller had played his famous character in a different role?

How would his family respond?

If Teller died what would the press react?

He would be in the limelight for another 30 years!

What’s his favorite kind of toothbrush / toothpaste?

Coconut Toothpaste

What makes an actor special?

He is very charming.

What’s his favorite television show of all time?

The Simpsons.

What has become of Dr. Teller’s family?

In 1993 they were living in England.

Teller’s Favorite Things

Teller was raised in the UK and never went to US when he had his first job there. Aged 15 he had his first audition for an acting job and had to wait for the next year. The rest is history!He lives in Las Vegas and loves his job. His most important passion of his life is his passion for eating the best food and drinks around him. There’s something magical about the taste in your mouth… it reminds us how delicious, fresh and delicious something can be. That is why he is one of those guys that cannot wait to come to your house and have a glass or several of your homemade coffee. The taste and smells of the coffee are almost like being in paradise. Teller has been known to

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