What is Teller’s first name?

Teller is actually a pseudonym. That’s just how he likes to handle his name. He’s actually his real name.

Teller: A bit of a play on words. He’s my pseudonym.

Teller’s job is a bit a puzzle.

I think there’s a lot of confusion as to exactly what my work is supposed to do, and I don’t understand why people feel it’s so important to ask me questions about what it does. My job is to make sure there’s always something going on that’s interesting…

Did you ever say your first name?

There were times when I didn’t want to reveal my actual first name that were very awkward. There were times when I didn’t want to give it out. People wouldn’t get it right. But over time, the anonymity was helpful in terms of the creativity of what I was putting out there. It is very difficult to work. A lot of it can be hard to talk about in a public forum. And it was fun to experiment with.

Do you have one or two favorite books that you’ve read?

One of the books I really enjoyed over the years was Humbert Humbert and the Magic Book by Jack Kerouac. That was a very exciting, fun idea and it’s a fun look at modern-day life…it takes things too seriously, and he’s quite a character. He’s in this really great novel where he meets the world. That was fun to learn a lot about Jack as a character. He’s such a fascinating character.

What do you like about your character?

That we really have an interesting lead here in that we have this young adult fantasy epic where you look at Jack as the sort of archetypal young adult…

He’s a teenager, but still.

One thing I like about the whole thing is that there are a lot of cool elements to the setting and even some of the characters who aren’t necessarily fantasy fans. That’s a cool thing to get out of this book. These people have gone really deep into this world and it’s very diverse yet has a lot of the same themes. That was awesome.

What’s your favorite episode from the show? Do you like the episode where Jack just dies?
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The best thing that’s happened to the show is that they started going away to make a new one and I had to do a little job on it. But they’re