What is the easiest magic trick?

The easiest magic trick in the world, I’d say, to me, is actually to get people to take pictures with you. To me, it’s just a photo-taking contest — not a trick.

What is the second-hardest magic trick?

The one that’s hard for me is if someone is watching a movie and they come back to ask you something, or, if you’re having a party, and there’s a table that’s on fire with candles in the bottom. That one’s probably harder.

What are your favorite things about living in New York?

I love being in New York — I love my friends, my family, my coworkers. It’s really easy to be a New Yorker and it’s also really easy to feel disconnected with your surroundings.

The biggest thing for me is having a supportive community. As long as I’m around the people who I actually want to be around, it’s really easy for me to maintain a healthy work/life balance.
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The reason I go to the gym is that I have a job. This job means I’m with people who I trust, who know exactly what’s coming next, who can help me get through stressful situations. I’m able to connect with the people who make me feel so happy.

I think it’s been fun to do this interview because I feel like most people are so surprised by the place I live. Not that you’re there because it’s fun, but you’ve been here 10 years. That’s a pretty amazing number of years. You spend a lot of time learning about New York, about New York culture, about New York architecture, New York politics, New York life in general. When is it appropriate to live here? Are you ready to settle in? What’s up, New Yorkers?

LONDON — In the most controversial piece of journalism ever to run in the British newspaper The Guardian, Andrew Neil’s article on British politicians’ sex lives — which ran in the last week — provoked an explosion of criticism from both inside and outside the British establishment.

The story revealed a sexual life that is neither consensual nor legal for men to partake in, although it has led many people to wonder what, if anything, the British state could do to combat this scandal. But what is also new about this affair is how this scandal has been greeted within Britain (and more broadly in the rest of the developed world and in Russia) without a peep of protest or media