What is the oldest magic organization? – How To Do Cool Magic Tricks Easy

Hippolyte: The Magic Circle.

Diana: Ah, if only the old one had the magic we have. I wonder what magic they’d have.

Hippolyte: No. They don’t have magic. They just know how to make you do things when you’re asleep.

Diana: That’s what I’m supposed to like. Just as long as they don’t put me to sleep in front of a magical camera for their magazine‚Ķ

Hippolyte: We don’t believe their magic works on you, Diana.

Diana: Well that explains how you know how to spell with ‘iow’ and ‘jaw’!

Hippolyte: I know the letter J, I know the letter H, and also ‘jaw’.

Diana: And ‘n’? That does work too.

Hippolyte: We didn’t take the liberty of learning how to spell with anything else. So, you should know how to spell with ‘o’ and ‘oo’.

Diana: Oh, my gosh! So that means the letter Iow is not for magic people! It’s called ‘Ooow’, by the way.

Hippolyte: Then where are the books and the spellbooks?

Diana: They were used by the Knights of Pythagoras in the seventh century BC! They left no books or spellbooks.

Hippolyte: That’s so weird that it must be some sort of secret language. It’s like someone was saying “If anybody wants to know how to spell with a certain letter, they can just ask.”

Diana: But this ‘Ooow’ and ‘ooow’ are pronounced exactly the same.

Hippolyte: Who could say something this strange could not be understood?

Diana: But I don’t like using ‘c’ in my name.

Hippolyte: Oh, well I see your point.

Diana: That’s very reassuring. And there’s the other point to all this. Remember that the ‘o’ and ‘oo’ are not pronounced like ‘c’. They’re actually very close to each other. In fact, it’s the longest sound in the English language.

Hippolyte: So we get ‘ow’. But that does not explain why you’re still speaking with a very old-fashioned

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