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The oldest known magic organization was created in 5th century B.C.E. by the great magician Tarsus at the foot of Mount Etna on the island of Sicily. The original name was “Magico Dei” (“The Master Of All Magic”); its name change is based on the Romans’ original name for them as “Deiti” and not on the Greek word “Daimon.”

The “Magico dei” or “Master of All Magic” organization came about during an international competition held in Sicily. The international competitors, most of whom were from Sicily, had traveled to the island, and during the competition, their magic and sorcery had been tested. By its rules, all the judges had to be of Sicilian descent. The winner and his fellow competitors were honored with a great feast, which is known the oldest kind of feast still known in Italy (known as the “Lomani”). Later, some of their descendants, such modern magicians, are sometimes called the “Dies.” Their organization became the first ancient magico organization, which became a part of the Church in the 7th century, until it eventually died out (as do most ancient religious organizations; in particular, Catholic Church).

The history of magic in Italy

The ancient magician Tarsus had been one of the foremost magicians of Rome at the time. He was the disciple of the famous Perpetuo (who later became an idol of the pagan gods) in the “Magico Dei” (Master of All Magic). He also received a great deal of advice from the Greek magicians of his time, especially from the “Vespers” (priests). In the early days of the Roman empire, most of the magicians were called as “Vespers” (priests), as they were associated with the Catholic Church. Even in the medieval period, magicians were called “pious men,” to show that they had attained some kind of knowledge.

The magicians from Rome traveled far and wide until they were finally brought to Italy, just as happened to Plato’s philosopher students from Athens. Here they were treated as philosophers (magicians). Since magicians from Rome were always from noble family, it was important that they knew and had sufficient knowledge in Greek and Roman society.

The history of magic in Italy is a part of a long history of magic in Italy, that begins around the fifth century B.C.E. in the town of Tiv

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