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There’s no magic organization where one is old enough to vote, or even older—where one’s father can cast a spell. Yet many of the most powerful beings to ever live are, and still are, members of an organization of some sort. There is magic, of course. There is magick. But magic is not the same as godhood, or even the most powerful existence a person could imagine.

Some people call that “old.” But that term itself is a bit misleading. If any group or deity were old—and I think it is, though God and goddesses and angels, and gods are old, too—then what would be the point of any of them? Why would any deity seek to bind themselves to an old, dead people, people who, it seems to me, never lived at all. In ancient times, before magic, before our very own time, ancient beings cast spells, and gods did too.

I should add the caveat that I am simply speaking hypothetically here. I am not speaking of ancient beings from the beginning of time like Eligin, and I am not talking of the gods of our own time. I’m speaking of a group of beings, some of whose existence we may or may not have known, some of whom were created centuries after I live. I’m not even sure I even know if my group is older than the first humans or the first dinosaurs—but we are talking about a group. If I’m wrong, it doesn’t matter. We will still be old.

But I am not speaking about an ancient society in ancient time. There is no way or place where such an old, powerful, and powerful group could exist without first having existed. The oldest extant group in existence would be one that was created much, much later, or in a much less powerful, different age. If a group is in existence that is older than what humanity has come to understand as “old time magic,” then the point of that group in existence is to be of a different age. As far as I am able to tell, ancient religions themselves are simply this old.

Is there a group that is older than us? Well, yes. You see, we can get an idea of an old god by searching for a person or a number whose name begins with the letter O. As I mentioned above, it is one of these, although I’d say about a third of the names begin with the letter O (though my data is less than

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