What superhero can read minds?

Not Superman! The Man of Steel is immortal – but so much has happened since he first won the title, in 1938, the day his parents had a car accident.

How much of the Man of Steel story line was true? What was the origin of the character?

The origin story was true. The first Superman was actually a young boy who saw a Superman movie and fell in love with him at once. He was inspired to become Superman because he saw that the best and brightest people could not do it all and instead turned to their own abilities rather than the public’s opinion.

“I want to get to the point where I can do that.”

After spending a number of years travelling around the world as a superhero, Superman returned home to Metropolis to live a peaceful life with his wife Martha and daughter Lois. What was the inspiration behind the name “Superman”?

At the time, when he was young, he had visions of an ideal and he thought that one day, that man (or woman) would be able to protect everyone, including the people of Metropolis, by himself. So, he called himself Superman. But there is no man other than God for him to seek out and to follow. At that point in time – 1940 – he decided that he would dedicate his life to the duty of God. So, in his dreams he came up with the name “Superman.”

When and for how long was Supercalibre Superman first created?

After meeting Batman, he came to recognize that he was fighting for what was right – and he was fighting for the people of Metropolis. So, he created an entire army that would defend the city. And in his dreams, he comes up with the name “Supercalibre Superman.”

Since Superman is so well known for his heroism and his courage, people naturally assumed that he was going to fight injustice, but in a very different aspect.

“There is nothing better than fighting injustice.”

When did the creation of Superman come about?

After seeing the success and popularity of Batman, Superman was inspired to create his own superhero as a counterweight to Batman’s influence. So, he created a character called “Clark Kent” that was his alter-ego Clark Kent.

Is it true that the name Kal-El was chosen for him?

Yes. When he was younger, he saw a statue of Superman and loved the resemblance. He wanted to