Where did the idea of magic come from? – Magic Tricks Tutorial Rubber Band Easy

And how does it differ from other forms of divination?

The story goes like this:

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus described the life of the Titans (that is, the animals, gods, and monsters that ruled over the cosmos), in what came to be known as the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Fall of Troy. In order for humans to survive, they had to find ways to work out how they fit into nature and learn how to coexist with the rest of nature. Thus, gods were created (though no word yet has been given for what is meant here), and natural forces, such as lightning, were employed, in order for humans to find out and understand how to harness them.

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According to the Epic, Gilgamesh was a god who lived during the first five centuries BCE, though the exact date is still uncertain. His name literally means “the famous,” and his name is one that still echoes in folk belief among some peoples in much of the world. The Epic recounts Gilgamesh and other characters from the time in a narrative style called the “bountiful narrative.” In the epic, Gilgamesh and their companions discover a series of underground caverns through which they are able to see the land and sky without equipment or equipment in their hands. They discover that certain animals (that is, Titans) are able to see with their eyes and hear with their ears. It is then that Gilgamesh and his companions learn that many of the other animals can see, hear, and move on land (such as humans) as well. The four of them learn to use weapons—that is, stone arrows and spears—but they must also learn “magic”—that is, the ability to create and manipulate matter.

This is probably a fair description of the concept behind magic. In many ways, magic is a more general form of divination, using something that is beyond the senses (such as the mind) in search of answers. However, as with all traditional beliefs, many people believe that magic is also a religion, and even a state of mind. Magic in many ways is the expression of beliefs. In much the same way, it seems likely that the concept of magic is not an exception, but a normal part of human nature.

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