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A: Kenya

Have you ever been in a coma?

A: Pakistan.

Have you ever died while in your coma?

A: Sudan.

Most people who have been in a coma are alive to tell the tale.

If your friends keep asking you if you’ve ever died, you’ve met the right ones! Here are some of the more memorable ones.

Some of these people may have had hallucinations and/or been paralyzed; other may have just fallen unconscious and died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If someone you love seems confused in what they are saying they are doing, there is someone you can consult for help.

If you’re wondering what happened to the new series of Doctor Who… it’s not for lack or lack of trying on Twitter…

There was a massive Twitter rant yesterday about this, leading to this hilarious tweet (which I will embed at the bottom here).

It’s true, the new series of the Doctor’s show is currently being filmed. In fact it was filmed last night!

But the internet was not kind to the new series…


This tweet is quite brilliant though…

And another great message from the Doctor himself…

So let’s hope the Doctor proves us wrong and shows us something new (like there was a trailer for the new series of BBC America’s Doctor Who this week).

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – The Utah State Capitol has a new motto: “Freedom and Equality.”

Gov. Gary Herbert said Thursday he’ll sign a bill into law later this month banning discrimination against gay and transgender residents, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

The news comes on the same day Republicans in the Utah House took a stand against Senate Bill 1062, which would prohibit discrimination in housing, employment, civil rights and public accommodations based on sexual orientation or gender identity, among other categories.

The bill would also prohibit cities from passing their own protections, and it’s the first bill that would require individuals to use public buildings on the basis of their sexual identity. The measure, which goes into effect in 90 days, was opposed by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and House Speaker Jason Chaffetz.

The decision by Utah’s leaders to oppose the bill came after a similar bill being passed in neighboring Colorado failed.

Both Utah and Colorado are among 20 states with laws barring all government agencies, private businesses and schools from discriminating based on sexual orientation

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