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If your answer is not South Africa (or the US), there’s a very good chance that you might want to ask that of your friend and colleague, who’s likely looking up the answer for some good reason and will be more likely to give the correct answer, as opposed to the guy who just says ‘Yes.’

In your example, you say “South Africa.” But you could also be thinking: “I’m also in the US.”

Or you could be thinking: “My friend’s mum was from South Africa.”

You might want to find out for certain.

This site gives you all the necessary information about where one is and who lives there. It gives you the name and town of every name on the world’s 100 most popular names list, giving you a big clue as to the country you’re speaking to.

And it gives you a list of every country name that’s ever appeared in the history of English.

There are a few other sites you might want to check out, such as the Encyclopedia Britannica or the World Traveler’s Encyclopedia, or even check out our book The Best Places To Visit and the Places That Have a Strange Name. Some of our books have a weird name that you’ve probably heard before from other people.

And even if your friend and colleague is from South Africa, there are other ways to find out where your friend’s name comes from. Ask your neighbor, the man behind the counter at your local convenience store (or ask them to check on it). If they’re from South Africa, then search on TripAdvisor for ‘South Africa.’ This is usually pretty accurate.

You could look it up online for yourself, at Google. You have a right, I suppose, to be concerned if you aren’t getting a good response from your own country, but I’m not really interested in asking you how to do that anyway. That’s a discussion for another day. It’s too good to be a waste of your time.

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If you’re an expert on South Afrika, and you know a lot about that, we love reading your stories and will post them every once in a while for your enjoyment. If you’re interested in the South African geography, I recommend starting with the fascinating and informative site, Google Earth, where you can see the most important buildings, cities, locations, and more.

More info to help you find your name: www.findmyname.com

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