Who is the little girl in Matrix Revolutions?

The Matrix Revolutions trailer was released during the summer and I have been watching it since December.

It is a Sci-fi movie about a girl who can manipulate, “Matrix technology”, (or “The Matrix”) by using her own perception and understanding of it. In The Matrix, “warped” is a technical term for that process.

So, let me give a little information about this little girl, and how she is in the end. This little girl uses her own perception, intelligence, and insight to manipulate and control other people’s perception, to alter and control their own perceptions, emotions, behaviors, and in a sense, reality according to her wishes. She calls the Matrix “The Matrix” because it is the product of her personal understanding of “Matrix technology”.

And her name is Reese.

But the Matrix itself is not the “reality”. As I said in my previous post, the Matrix is the “reality” that Reese experiences and is experiencing. Reese is the only person who has ever experienced the reality.

Reese is an android. She is a machine, just like all the others.

The “reality” of the Matrix is what Reese is “remembering”, while the real Matrix was completely and totally created by the software of the programmers during that process. The software is very complex, and has very advanced knowledge of what “reality” actually looks like. So, I think it is safe to say that the real Matrix is somewhere in the “software” of the programmers.

The “reality” is very complex and difficult to describe.

To simplify it even further, there are many “reality” in the virtual universe.

And this is a key feature in The Matrix.
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Reese has this ability of creating “reality” as well.

Reese has no free will. It doesn’t matter if Reese is a robot, or if he is a person, if he has the ability to affect the “reality” that a person perceives, this ability is there, just like any other ability that an android may have to manipulate this “reality” that he perceives.

Reese is a tool to manipulate “reality” according to Reese’s wants, needs, and desires…

The Matrix doesn’t care about your preferences, your personality, your opinion, your opinion… Reese is a tool, just like any other tool. The Matrix uses that tool because Reese makes good use of that tool