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The most common suggestion is Michelle Pfeiffer — but if we look through recent biographies of Pfeiffer, we can see that she actually had a number of small, memorable roles. In the films The Last Starfighter and The Matrix Reloaded, for instance, Pfeiffer plays either a character called “Clair” or “Claire,” depending on the edition.

Did you have to wear many different outfits to achieve the same look in the Matrix Reloaded?

Not at all. The outfit in which Linda takes the “shattering” blow to the head, with the red ribbon and the scarf, was all that was worn, which consisted of a white jacket, a red turtleneck sweater, blue jeans, and a white, red and black checkered scarf. I remember one episode where they were all taking a little break from filming as they all sat around a large flat table at a hotel drinking tequila and talking. I was there, as well, and thought, “Oh, look, one of the actors was going to wear my shirt.” I was on the set of the movie in my jeans, white, and black turtleneck sweater, and a white, red and black scarf — but I didn’t have to wear the scarf or my red dress.

For the scene that sees the character of Neo walk through a red door, were the makeup artists working a lot or did they do a lot of it? There were at least six people on the set there shooting at the same time to take care of all the different pieces of makeup that you wore to set.

The makeup on a lot of the shots was done on a rotoscope, and it involves all the different components of the makeup — from the skin, to face, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, eyelashes, cheekbones, everything. In many cases we just took some pieces of makeup, cut them out, and put them over the actors who were part of the crew.

So, was there ever any disagreement over where to place the character and the makeup and the lighting?

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No. I remember my first experience on set with my character, Neo, when I did the shot where Neo enters the Matrix, and there was a group of actors there. I think that was the first time I had ever been filmed in one of the scenes that I was in. At the time I was having an idea, which we never had before. I wanted to do a moment where the

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