Can you teach yourself to draw? – Black And White Pencil Drawings Nature Girl By Carl

I’ve read a lot about drawing, but I never found any actual books – I mean I’m pretty good at it, but it’s only been one or two books.

So I don’t have any specific skills to teach myself. I have just a different approach to it. My approach to drawing has become very much about how you use your eyes to create a picture that you’re looking at.

That doesn’t mean I’m not creative or I’m not trying to learn. I’m just trying to create something new that I’ll want to use as a model as I continue to work and draw. And it’s been rewarding so far.

A year or two ago, your art career started to go sideways. Have you been to a place where things are better or worse?
Do any kind of pencil drawing you need by Moranna

It’s hard to say. I got really bored pretty fast, and pretty much stuck with it for four years. When I’d get frustrated with it, I’d just take another six months. Then it took five years. That’s one thing. There are so many things in life in which you’re struggling. You lose hope. You’re bored. Things aren’t as satisfying as they would have been if you just kept doing it.

The other thing was, I had become so self-conscious about it that I kind of lost whatever motivation I had in the first place. I became quite a bit more reserved than I should have been. I just found it quite difficult to find motivation.

Now that you’re free, what would you like to change about working in art?

I think I’d like to get out of it a bit. I’m so used to dealing with it. I’ve started to feel quite frustrated by it as well. I don’t like having to put up with it. I’d like to be able to put something in a gallery for once, or just to work on the computer.

What do you want to draw next?

My whole career is about trying to find meaning and purpose in the things that I’m doing. To me, that’s the easiest thing, in that sense. I just have a bunch of things and don’t have a specific plan for what I’m going to do.

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