Can you teach yourself to draw? – Easy Colored Pencil Drawings With Straight Lines In Nature

The answer might surprise you, but it could be as simple as sitting down and drawing a small picture.
You learn by doing and, if you’re creative, you’ll learn how to draw.
Don’t worry about getting the size right, or even the colour right. There’s no such thing as perfection — learn what works and don’t force it.
You can just as easily learn to draw in a single sitting, either sitting at your desk or in a dark room. If you feel compelled at any stage to take a break from drawing, just go for a short walk and do it yourself.
The more you draw, the better your results will get.
Doing will always be a better way to get the most from your painting, because you’re seeing the thing as a whole.
The more you practise, the more you’ll get good at that, and the more you’ll use it, the better you’ll get at it.
The first time you start to get good at drawing, you may not do so well straight away. Some people struggle to progress for months before they achieve much. They simply practice too much.
The other option is to wait for good results. It’s really a matter of practice and trial and error, though.

As you progress with your painting, you’ll learn more about the shapes, and the colours, and begin to create images of your own.
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And you’ll probably find you don’t always need to make a new drawing before you take your next one.
When I first discovered the pleasure of trying out new drawing techniques, I found I often didn’t have much use for them, but that’s not at all the case any more. When I started to make my images a whole lot closer to what I was used to, I started to think ‘why bother?’ and stopped.
You won’t do much with a small sketch when you’re working on a large sheet of paper. You see, a lot of the time you just want to see where a picture ends and where it begins; if the first thing you see in a picture is a shadow of another, it’s an ugly picture.
The more you start to feel the picture is actually something rather than just the sum of all its parts, the more confident you’ll get. You can see it.
When you’ve seen the picture you want out of the box, and you find a good technique that works you can start drawing, and you’ll be using it more and more.

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