Can you teach yourself to draw? – Pencil Drawings Of Dragons Dragon Art Book

No, I will not draw, I know that I don’t have it yet. When I see an actual drawing I will teach myself.

Is drawing for you like painting or sculpture?

Yes to both. I think art is more interesting when we try to tell the story with the work.

Did you know you had a huge audience for my art?

I never imagined that my work would be in so many places. I have been asked to do various places from the Netherlands to Germany. I also get e-mails almost every day from people from the US asking if I can draw them. It’s been a dream come true for me to get all these messages.

How do you draw?

My eyes are very open. I think what draws people to my work is my attitude. I enjoy looking into people’s eyes. When I’m doing an illustration I try to do it with a strong expression. I’m very open. If someone is drawing me they usually want to know more about the person. I also try not to draw to try to please anyone. I like not to be forced. The drawings I do for people are sometimes not good enough and people do notice. I do my best not to draw that they might see as forced.

When I draw with someone it can be good and it might be bad because the picture can be pretty much anything, there could be love for sure, or jealousy of a certain trait. But with someone it can turn into a totally different image. It’s hard to draw like that.

How many people do you know that draw?

I know my first cousin that draws.

I would love to ask you to do an interview with us.

I know that I would not, but I’d like to see what you draw.

I would also like you to draw me.

I would very much appreciate it.

Do you still go to a certain area, or country every day to work on your art? Do you have anything special that you do there?

I’ve been to Germany a lot. I’ll always be there, I have no problem taking photos there even for personal use.

Is there a specific time you draw?

Mostly when I’m going out for dinner with friends, so I’ll work on things around that time. I have a picture of a family that I did where we have a picture table that says: “WEL

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