How can I be good at sketching? – Pencil Drawing People Video

The easiest way to learn to draw is to learn to sketch on a regular basis. Do this for 30 years and you probably won’t be terrible at it (although you might not become as good). It doesn’t matter. Just keep doing it and keep trying to improve.

As for how, keep writing it down and practicing.

Don’t let anyone get on your case about you being too old to do it, you are absolutely fine doing it. However, you need guidance to write it down and learn all the skills you need to do it right, so don’t get frustrated if it’s hard at first.

You only need to stop and think about how you’re doing until you work it out. I use to do that when I was doing drawings to a sketchbook. Then I’d just sit back and draw until something felt right in my head.

Don’t get bogged down on learning a new skill though. I used to do that too, and then got bored of it, so moved to video drawing and I’ve been doing that ever since.

I think you’re very good at that. Do you do it any other way?
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I don’t do any other way at all but the same as if I was doing it, only on paper.

Do you work with the internet?

Not at all. Not at all.

If I did, would you recommend writing for me?

Of course!

What are your tips?

Keep trying to improve but you can learn a lot by doing it.

Keep thinking about what you’re doing because eventually you will be good at it.

Learn your characters before drawing them, they will come out better.

You have to use the same muscles when drawing for the computer as on the paper.

Write all the characters like you’re drawing them on paper.

Don’t be afraid to take a step back and see what changes you’re making.

Keep working hard at it and eventually, something will start to feel right.

When you get there, it will take some time for everything to come to you but be patient.

That’s also important when you’re just starting. You have to be patient to start this.

What else should people learn?

Never stop learning. Never stop trying to improve.

Do what you have to do to stop failing so much. It’s like taking a vacation

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